Healthy grapes

Unlike in conventional wineries, our organic vines don't depend on fertilizer or pesticide to fight diseases. To become strong they have to seek nutrients deep underground.

Wild wines

No need to add yeast cells from a lab. Wild yeasts are already present on the grape skin, giving a unique signature to the wine.

We don't pick flavors from a lab menu

All the taste comes from our vineyard's unique terroir: its soil, microclimate and ecosystem. That's how we can guarantee you that no wine tastes like ours.

Age-old winemaking methods

Respecting tradition, we ferment and tread the grapes in open granite tanks. Call it the old-school way.

Eye of the master

Master winemaker Humberto determines the blend for each vintage. Is this year going to be a Reserva?

Bottle-ripened goodness

Our red wines mature at least 3 years in the bottle. Oxygen gently enters through the natural cork, harmonizing 400+ natural components into a rich flavor.

Handmade, with love

Each Bonjardim wine is hand-bottled and hand-labeled.

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