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Bonjardim Wines

Bonjardim Pét-Nat 2022

Bonjardim Pét-Nat 2022

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This wine is a statement. A raised fist against hidden long lists of additives and chemicals that organic and natural winemakers like us don’t need. Pétillant-naturel or pét-nat is a naturally sparkling wine. Winemaker Hubertus from Bonjardim Wines allowed nature to make this wine. Just like humans have done for thousands of years.

Find here the long list of chemicals and additives that are NOT IN THIS WINE.

Join the movement against unmentioned chemicals and additives by tagging your natural wine pictures with #notinmywine

Only 1570 bottles made.

Grape variety: Merlot

Alcohol: 12 %

Content: 750 ml

Unfiltered. No sulfite added.


Product: glass bottle; natural cork.

Packaging: recyclable cardboard (but for delivery outside Europe we use xerovite)

Shipping & Returns


Height: 32 cm (12.6 inch)

Diameter: 7 cm (2.75 inch)

Weight: 1.18 kg (2.6 lbs)

Care Instructions

Tip: give the wine some oxygen after opening, the flavor will come out even better. You can easily leave the bottle open for up to a week after opening.

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